1.21 gigawats

We took two trips back in time this weekend! Saturday we hit a festival with Civil War era reenactors and Sunday another with Revolutionary War era reenactors.

Saturday (spent in the 19th century) we watched uniformed soldiers fire civil war cannons, had a long conversation with a civil war field doctor at his tent, spent some time at a Native American drum circle, ate kettle corn, caught a glimpse of Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd, and hung out with Mark Twain!

Sunday the flux capacitor took us back to the 18th century where we watched minute men and mountain men firing rifles and raising the flag (complete with 13 stars), we watched Punch and Judy, listened to lots of great music, watched clog dancers, and there was even a random butterfly house! Clark (being a Butterfly Expert between the ones we raised from caterpillars and from our week with Winkle) graciously took some time to help a boy who was a bit freaked out about holding them.

Now to pick a date to visit Queen Elizabeth the first!