Is This the Eve of Our Destruction?

It doesn’t matter who wins the presidential election tomorrow:
Racism and hate have been exposed and legitimized
The American people have been proven to be ignorant and easily swayed
The American people have been proven to have an incredibly short memory and attention span 
The American people have allowed the exile of a patriot as traitor whilst praising traitors as leaders
We have shown indifference and turned a blind eye to genocide
We have given power to corporate greed with our own consumer greed favoring bargains and deals over human life and environmental health
We have shown the world our boundless hubris 
We are a human race lost and oppressed by our own ignorance wrapped in a pride so pompous that we will refuse to see truth

There are little lights giving me hope. You will not find those beacons running for any office nor will you be likely to see them in the mainstream media (unless they are portrayed as darkness)
You’ll find them behind #hashtags
You’ll find them behind computer screens exposing and bringing down oppressors 
You’ll find them waist deep in frigid water they are praying for, protecting that water with their lives
You’ll find them making human shields around people of a faith different from their own so they can safely pray 
You’ll find them in their homes preparing to welcome refugees
If you haven’t done so yet, if you are very still and quiet and you look very deeply you can find that light inside of you
You can be another beacon of hope for humanity, you just have to find your light! 

We are always changing and growing as individuals and we choose in which direction we grow so please choose to grow toward the light!