I was just given some old family photos and I am so excited! This is my Yia Yia Olga’s family (my dad’s mom)

This first photo is Yia Yia Olga’s Mom’s (Sophia) Family. Sophia is the girl standing all the way to the left with her hand on her Mother, Angela’s, shoulder.  Pa Pou Elias was a priest in Chios at a church in the village of Lagada.  His mother, Despina, is seated to his left.  That makes Yia Yia Despina my great-great-great grandmother! and the boys’ great-great-great-great grandmother!  that’s a whole lot of greats!

This one has Yia Yia Angela Vlicides with all of her daughters. According to the caption Yia Yia Sophia is the one in the darkest dress.

This is Yia Yia Sophia and Pa Pou Leon (Leonidi or Leonidis?) Petikis and their first three children. Yia Yia Olga wasn’t born yet.

This is Yia Yia Sophia with her children. Yia Yia Olga is the littlest girl on the right holding the cute little purse. What are the walking sticks all about?

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