A visit from my ex-wife

 My soul-sister/ex-facebook wife, Theresa, and her two beautiful children came for a visit!  It was a wonderful whirl-wind adventure.  The last time we saw each other Clark was barely a toddler and Peyton was a newborn!  Now four children later we finally had another playdate! Wine, Mojitos, sleep deprivation, cuddling, air mattress jumping, a short and chilly trip to the pool, an attempt at a nature filled day foiled by rain and lightning, and these are the only photos I took! Crazy.  Come back soon, Loves!

Matthew gave the children coconut pudding pop style ice cream on a stick and here is the window art they created with them:

 Auntie Chrissy serves cupcakes for breakfast.

“oh you will NOT take photographs that do not include me!”