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I need to stop falling behind on my blogging! So much has been done since I last shared an update about That Radical Bus so I think I’ll start with the thing I did this weekend: our IKEA NUMERÄR Countertop is sealed! YAY!

The countertop is a solid beech…or is it birch? We bought during the feeding frenzy kitchen sale and I really didn’t prefer one over the other so I took whichever they had in stock and ran for home! It comes in a very fine condition but I still wanted to sand it to an even smoother finish so I used a 400 grit paper until it was super smooth. It really didn’t take much.


We are making this the most toxin free home possible and we do prefer a DIY so obviously I made the wood sealant and it is very easy and extremely effective and also makes a nice, simple body and lip balm!

First I just want to say that I am absolutely vegan and I do use beeswax. Though this is not technically in the definition of veganism I believe with the current dangerously devastating plight of the bees it is of the utmost import for all of us to support local, ethical apiaries so they will continue to be able to keep more and more bees. I hear Spock (yes, I am a closet Trekkie) saying, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Some bees can be harmed when the keeper moves the supers in and out and some of the methods are less than ideal but if that keeper wasn’t doing what he or she does to keep the colony healthy then they would likely all die. That said I would never buy corporate, cruelly factory farmed corn syrup bottled as honey. I know the keepers from whom I purchase and I know that they care for and respect the lives of their bees. Maybe I’ll post more about this later because it is so very important.

Now the oil you use with the wax is also important: obviously you will want something food safe but you also have to avoid the oils that will go rancid. The oils you are looking for can include Tung, Walnut, and Linseed but beware, the hardware store linseed is not toxin free. I went with walnut because it was what I could buy while grocery shopping that day and I didn’t want to wait another second to get this job done!


That Radical Wood Sealant

Melt together:
1 part beeswax
2 parts oil
Young Living Citrus Fresh Blend and Lavender Essential Oil

Decant into a lidded glass jar and store in a cool, dark environment.

I used one cup wax, 2 cups oil, and 15 drops of each essential oil. This isn’t an exact science though so don’t fret too much about exact measurements.


At this point it was getting dark and I was growing ever more impatient so I swirled it around to allow some to cool and harden on the sides of the jar so that I could just get started!


Like I said earlier, bee products are precious so I did not use a rag to apply it-I used my bare hands and those of my five little assistants to spread and rub the sealant into the wood. It was quite fun and my hands are still fabulously soft two days later!


I left it to sit as long as I had the patience to do (which was not long) and then I attached an old pre fold diaper to the sander and started to gently buff it…


…and sang this song (scroll ahead to :38 if you are impatient to see why):

After everyone went to bed I also sealed the wooden utensils and cutting board


The sealant cooled and hardened but it didn’t look pretty since I made such a mess of it with my impatience


The next morning I did it all again with some natural light.


I used an old terry cloth bib for buffing this time and it was a much better fit!


After it was all done it was time to test it. I splashed a little water on it and it was happy


It looks and feels fantastic!


So today I made a cuppa for myself on my new countertop..


…and then I blogged ON MY NEW COUNTERTOP!!!


Yours From my New Countertop on That Radical Bus,


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  • Tiffany Gibson

    I drool everytime I see the inside of that bus. It’s so simple and adorable and vintage and aaahhhh I love it!

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