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I just realized we have had the bus for two years and two months! I truly thought we would have been done in less than a year but here we are and we are finally, FINALLY in the final stages! other than a missing door, a curtain that I need to make for beneath the sink, and the plumbing the kitchen is installed!

Installing the countertop

Installing the countertop

I had originally intended to only use reclaimed pieces to build everything in the bus but I haven’t been able to find anything locally that was affordable. I painted and prepared a cabinet and a dresser to use as the kitchen and though they looked absolutely fabulous we finally decided that for the first time in our adult lives we wanted to have a really well built kitchen that worked for us. I do almost all of our cooking from fresh, organic ingredients and I am really looking forward to using a kitchen that I designed that fits our needs and is full of smart organization and storage space.

If you have ever shopped at Ikea then you know how both exciting and exhausting the entire endeavor and you won’t be surprised to learn that we will have to take a third trip to Ikea to get more parts. At least they have fabulous vegan soup in the cafe!


I chose the basic cabinets and doors but went all the way with the solid wood butcher block countertops and I am so pleased with the result. We have both always wanted a farm style kitchen sink and I have been stalking Ebay, antique shops, and estate sales for over a decade for an affordable farm sink but never found one. Since our first visit to Ikea ages ago we have been eying the Domsjo sinks and we chose the single bowl and it is positively gorgeous! I would love to find a pretty vintage table linen to use as a curtain beneath but I would feel like I was committing a very serious crime if I were to cut any of the ones I currently own. Perhaps a vintage style fabric will have to do.

Well, here it is in all of it’s ALMOST finished glory:

Almost Finished!

Almost Finished!

Obviously the trash can will be covered by a door and we already discussed the curtain beneath the sink. Anyway, I am so super stoked! After the plumbing is in it will be an officially really real kitchen! YAY! Our current debate is plumbing material. We have food grade steel drums for our fresh water and I would like to keep our drinking water as plastic-free as possible. Matthew wants to use PEX or PVC and I am adamantly opposed preferring copper pipes and fittings. We do have a Berkey Water Filter but I just don’t want to add any extra contaminants. I would also like to install a filter to filter the water before it even hits the tap so our cleaning water will be, you know, clean.

I had a tremendous plan for the back of the bus that involved hand built beds that doubled as benches that had all the storage we could ever need beneath them but then the boys saw the bunk beds at Ikea…only time will tell. Here is how the area looks now:

Backside (tee hee hee)

Backside (tee hee hee)

My plan would have left the back door completely open as well as the centre space where the rug is now and I do so want to keep that open but I remember the deep desire all small people have for bunk beds…but we do have a kickin’ hammock…but bunk beds…but if the door is unhindered we could have a pretty stellar porch off of the back eventually… Clearly this is the biggest obstacle ever faced in the building of a house bus. Porch vs Bunkbed-it’s the oldest feud in the world.

I’m still shopping like a mad woman trying to find solar panels and all of the myriad of associated electronic doodads and holy cannolies are they expensive but it will be so absolutely worth every penny because we will be energy independent! How fantastic is that?! Once we are settled and we find a way to afford it I will convert the engine to veg fuel so we can be all the more independent and recycle and smell like a Carnie! WIN WIN WIN!

I have been asked how we will paint the exterior so very many times and I am down to two choices and it’s quite a debate around here. Maybe I’ll keep it a secret for now but I will give you a hint: one totally matches the interior style and the other is so geeky that even the geekiest of geek hearts will ache with geekalicious jealousy. Really, it’s that fantastic.

What are your thoughts? Plastic or Copper? Porch or bunk bed? Chic or Geek? Let me know in the comments!

From That Radical (almost finished) Kitchen With Love,


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