Bus update 2

Pregnancy treated me very well so I was able to get the floor laid in my last trimester! We bought solid red oak seconds from Lumber Liqidators. I searched for ages for a no voc option with which to lay the floor- nails were out because they’d shimmy out while traveling, screws were out because we didn’t want to put more holes in the floor and they’d also be unsightly and probably collect a lot of dirt and snag a sock or two, so we were left with glue but finding a zero voc glue that is strong enough is no easy task! It took ages but I finally found one! The next challenge was finding a zero voc finish for the floor. I looked into all kinds of oils and hard waxes but the commercial ones sneak in toxins and parade around as natural. I finally found Monocoat by Rubio. I only used about half of the tin and it only requires one coat! It looks expensive up front but I would have spent much more on any other product as one coat of anything else would never be enough! I had hoped to get the finish put on before Artemis was born but I finally got to it in her first week.

Now that the floor is finished next will be walls (I have a killer idea for them!) and then trimming it all out. Matthew purchased the things to start a few screens for the windows so hopefully we’ll have those soon!

So here are some photos (out of order thanks to Blogger):

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