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Are you ready to take your family’s wellness into your own hands?

I am sure you have been hearing all about essential oils lately because positively everyone is using them but there’s such a mess of information out there and it is confusing and it is conflicting and it is basically a big ol’ hot mess that you just don’t have the time to wade through, amirite? No worries, dearie! Join That Radical Tribe!

I am Chrissy and I am here to help!


I have used Essential Oils for most of my life and I always liked them and thought they were fab. A friend of mine joined Young Living and asked me if I wanted to meet her for coffee and check out her oils. I didn’t really think they could be any different than any other oils I’d ever used and I was underwhelmed with the idea of MLM companies as I have no interest in any of the stuff they sell. And then I tried her oils and MAGIC HAPPENED! To say these oils were life changing is an ridiculous understatement. I felt their energy coursing through me! I enrolled that night! A few months later I tried a different company because, frankly, I liked their packaging better and everyone claimed their oils were just as good. I wasted $150 because they just didn’t come close to what I already had with Young Living Essential Oils. Someday I’d like to try distilling my own “microbrew” essential oils for fun but otherwise I don’t see myself ever using any other Essential Oils again ever. Never ever. Seriously I love these oils so much that I can’t stop talking about them and putting them on everyone-including strangers at the grocery store and coffee houses and walking around random festivals and at the moblie phone shop…just everywhere-for reals.

Join me and my Tribe of fanfreakingtastic folk-if you are here reading this I know you’ll fit right in! We are an eclectic band of madly passionate, fiercely joyful, boundlessly accepting, deeply grateful, and outrageously fun peeps and we can not wait to meet you! Joining That Radical Tribe means that you will have that big band of kinfolk holding your hand and your heart.

As a member of That Radical Tribe you will have support and continuing education-you’ll learn who, what, when, where, why, and how to use Essential Oils. We talk about healing energies, healthy foods, minimalism, green living, positivity, and self care. More than anything we embrace and accept one another and we are growing together joyfully.

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