Equal Exchange Coffee Options

Organic Breakfast Blend
A blend of Medium and French Roasts, Sparkling with flavor notes of floral, citrus, and chocolate.
12oz ground $12

Organic Mind, Body, & Soul
A blend of Medium and Vienna Roasts. A euphoric blend! Lively and smooth with a chocolate finish.
12oz ground $12

Organic French Roast
Velvety smooth with a hint of caramel.
10oz ground $12

Organic Decaf
A blend of Medium and Vienna roasts this is the Breakfast blend naturally decaffeinated.
12oz ground $12

Hazelnut Crème
Aromatic, nutty, and light with rich hazelnut flavor.
12oz ground $12

Organic Love Buzz
A blend of Full City and French Roasts. Sweet and sultry. Feel the love!

5lb. Organic French Roast
Great for the office, church, or a house with a lot of coffee lovers! Save $30 and waste less packaging!
5lbs. Whole Bean $60

Let us know if you’d like to switch to ground or whole bean or if you’ like to order by the case!