Everyday Radical Actions for Peace on the International Day of Peace 2016

Today is the International Day of Peace. The world is not any less peaceful than it used to be but rather there is a collective awakening happening! Many are just now seeing the truth for the first time and people are frightened, angry, hurt, and shocked and they should be but let’s talk about what to do with this new righteous indignation. As we wake up and see so much inequity, hate, and dispair we want to fix it all but with such a daunting list of unending problems it seems impossible to know where to start. We can make a difference every day-we start by learning and growing as individuals and then spreading our proverbial light in our daily actions. Let me offer some suggestions.

Keep asking questions: where was this shirt made, why are these jeans so cheap, who grew this coffee, why was that man shot by the police, why are we taught that in school, why aren’t we using clean energy when the technology has been available for over a century, why was the white rapist released when countless black and brown men are incarcerated for years for petty crime, why is an herb illegal but synthetic heroin is prescribed to children, why are there churches built that cost millions but there are still people who are hungry and naked and lost, why are there empty houses and buildings but people are still homeless, why are we at war world wide, why do we have borders, why do we have a two party system that spends more to get elected than the winner will ever get paid, why does our government give our money to other counties, why have other countries outlawed all GMO but we praise it, why are most Americans not allowed to have a well or cistern but rather forced to pay for government supplied water with medication in it…

Stop cheerleading for war! Remember that no one thinks that they are the bad guy. Your enemy is also fighting a righteous war against an evil enemy. War has always been the old, rich, and powerful using the poor, strong, young as pawns in their never ending greed and lust for power. 

If you are uncomfortable with #BlackLivesMatter ask yourself why and then take the time to understand the movement. 

If you are a Christian who lives in fear or hatetred of Muslims read the Bible and read the Quran and see how much you have in common-you are quite literally praying to the same god! Remember that Christian soldiers kill in the name of God. 

Learn about the true history of the US government against the indigenous people. Understand the crimes committed against them didn’t end with the cowboy era. Learn about the pipeline and why the #NoDAPL movement is a revolution centuries in the making and why these water protectors are not only standing for their own lives but for all life.

If you watch porn know that many of the people you are watching have been bought and sold, are in abusive and dangerous situations, are performing against their will, and many are underage. 

Find out where your clothing food comes from and do your best to find the most peaceful sources you can: buy fair trade, research palm oil, buy organic, buy domestic, buy at farmers markets and from friends and neighbors who make things or have MLM businesses instead of supporting big box stores. If you eat animals research how they live and how they are killed.

Research false flags, question ALL authority, don’t trust the media. Question convention-don’t ever accept, “because that’s just how it is done”. Learn about anarchy and personal sovereignty.

Mahatma Ghandi is quoted as saying:

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Maybe he said it, maybe he didn’t but either way they are wise words. He did say this:

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

So get up and do it! You can do this! WE CAN DO THIS! No one needs to be hungry, no one should be enslaved, no one should be cold or lonely or homeless, no one should be dented an education, no one should live in fear. One step at a time you have always had this power inside you. 

Peace begins with you.

Your Friend in Peace and Love,