From Concentrate

Matthew and I drove throught the night while the boys mostly slept and we arived in sunny-albiet crisper than we hoped- Florida on the Saturday morning. Now we’d be bad parents if we didn’t stop at the Florida Welcome Center being that this was the first time any of the boys had been to the state. It was always so exciting to get that fresh squeezed citrus juice! It was almost as exciting as whatever-it-was-we-were-going-to-do-when-we-got-where-we-were-going and such remarkably delicious and refreshing tease in that tiny paper cup. Sadly, gone are the days of fresh squeezed citrus in the teeny tiny cup. Now it’s reconstituted juice but it still comes in a teeny tiny cup. I wonder if the juice even comes from Florida? Either way it was extremely exciting and there wasn’t any snow and we got to get up and walk around and pose for a photo next to a baby palm tree and in front of a public rest roon.

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