Great Grandma Teen and the Universe

Matthew’s grandma died tonight while we were on our way to say goodbye. I sat on the couch in her room, her body lying in her bed, as I nursed her youngest great-granddaughter. I looked up at her old, wrinkled face and her thin silver hair and the dark beauty of it all came over me. She looked so frail and helpless but a relative heartbeat ago she was me: giving birth to her children, nursing her young ones -giving life and living life-she was young and vital. Another heartbeat before that she was Artemis, a helpless baby at her Mother’s breast unaware of all of the beauty and wonder that life had in store for her.

Life is so fleeting and it’s moments like that which make me feel like the universe is speaking directly to me telling me to slow down and see just how connected we all are. I pray we are blessed to live so long as Grandma Teen and if so then some I’ll be her- someday Artemis will be her and i pray that when we get to that day when we breathe our last we will do so knowing that we drank and savored every last delicious drop from the cup that we were given and that the tiny mark we each left in the infinite continuum of life was one full of joy and beauty and LOVE.