3 thoughts on “I am Otis. Otis I am.

  • Humble wife

    Most adorable photos and blog! I had fun visiting and wonder if Matt Houtz is Matt Houtz of Risingsun Ohio? My mom was friends with Nancy Houtz…

    I really began thinking this when I saw all the books. I recall the Houtz family having tons and tons of books and reading all the time!!

    Jennifer (Gibson)(ps Anna is my sister, and I used to live on CR 21)

  • Chrissy

    hey! thanks for the kind words. yes, you have the right houtz. i will show him your comment later. are you on facebook? he is and there is also a growing up in risingsun page on facebook too. though he’s a bit camera shy there are photos of matthew on here too 😉 and probably the rest of the houtz family.

  • Humble wife

    Well neat! I am on facebook and a fan of growing up in risingsun ohio, so he can find me there, although I am not a camera fan myself! I do have lots on my farm blog.
    So wonderful to see Matt is a dad and has a very lovely family.

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