I Like the City of San Juan

After the sleepless night we napped and then spent most of the day we arrived in Puerto Rico at the beach. It was beautiful.  We had such a great time I forgot to take photos of it!
except this

The NEXT day we Drove to Old San Juan on the other side of the island.  Driving Puerto Rico is insane but we did it and after getting lost a bit we made it.  We all loved El Castillo de San Cristobal.

the big boys in a garita
one of the many super deep windows but the only one full of wishes

the only shot with Moses and Me (I am the family photographer and moses is attached)

this was one of my favorite spots and I wanted to photograph it all day long

Otis was feeling photogenic as always

in another garita

another spot I loved-maybe I should crop out the pipe?

obviously I am in love with this one

As we were leaving a storm was brewing and we saw a double rainbow!