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Would your life be easier if you were “a housewife” or “a stay at home mom”? I have heard a lot of ladies say that lately. I am both of those things and I work all day and-more often than not-through much of the night and when in bed I am never fully asleep because I am nursing a baby. A day doesn’t go by that I do not have someone else’s fecal matter on my hands. I don’t only worry about “the bottom line” but also spend my days (and nights and weekends and holidays) worrying about the boys’ nutritional intake and their education (don’t forget I am also a homeschooling mom). I don’t just have customers and investors to keep happy but rather 4 little people who depend on me for everything (not to mention one other big guy too). I don’t take showers with out an audience (when I rarely get the opportunity to take said shower) and I don’t remember the last time I sat on the toilet without company. I do not get coffee breaks. I do not get to call in sick. I do not get raises, bonuses, vacation time, or a benefits package. I don’t even get social security benefits. In 2006 Reuter’s reported a study by Salary.com that found the average stay at home mother’s salary should be about $134,121 annually based on wages of similar jobs like preschool teacher and housekeeper. Their Mom Salary Wizard has me valued at $218,543 annually (bear in mind we live in a low income area which affects my salary). Would your life be easier? I won’t judge your life but I will guess your answer will probably be no.

Would your life be better? (I know you didn’t ask that but I am)

I get to spend all day every day with four smart, funny, empathetic, kind, beautiful little boys who I adore. I get to share all of the things that I love with them and learn from them and grow with them. I get to spend every day seeing the world through their eyes as my grown-up jaded self they refresh and renew. I get to giggle, sing, dance, wear jammies, play in the dirt, meet worms, swing, climb, jump, splash, color, read, listen, build, bake, cook, sew, glue, cut, tape, scribble, hug, kiss, and have fun with them all day long. I get to introduce them to Opera, the theatre, 90’s garage bands, beatboxing, the Muppets, mythology, history(both ours and other people’s), Shel Silverstien, s’mores, sushi, museums, festivals, faires, bowling, stepping on a crack and breaking my back, arboretums, orchestras, croquet (with and without flamingo mallets), salsa dancing, clog dancing, line dancing, tap dancing, ballet dancing, break dancing, hula dancing, football (but mostly not the american kind), baseball, basketball, tennis, pogo sticks, pogo balls, and magic 8 balls. I get to have straw wrapper wars, I get to run in the sprinkler, I get to sing in inappropriate public places. I get company when I take a shower and someone who doesn’t care if my poop stinks because they love me so much that they can’t wait until I am done on the toilet to talk to me or show me what they built with their Legos.

Maybe my life doesn’t sound appealing to you at all but I know my life couldn’t be any better.

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