Love is

This Valentine’s Day while the consumerist culture bombards us with demands to buy flowers and jewelry and chocolates and to perform grand sweeping expensive gestures to be recorded and shared on social media please remember that
Love is tears and laughter

Love is opening jars and remembering to purée the onions for the soup

Love is changing together

Love is a hand to hold in the darkness

Love is inside jokes and knowing glances across a room

Love is cleaning up sick

Love is everyday adventures

Love is possibilities and dreams and laundry and dishes

Love is still getting butterflies after all these years.

Love is saying yes

Love is your legs when you can not stand, your voice when you can not speak, your lungs when you can not breathe

Love is watching the wrinkles deepen with every smile tracing a roadmap of your life together.
This Valentine’s Day this love is the love I wish for you all.

With Love,