New Girasol Wrap

I ordered the new-ish Zig-Zag size 3 Herringbone weave straight from Girasol in Germany (I mistakenly thought that buying directly was a wise decision) and after weeks and weeks and weeks it finally arrived! It is so pretty and it has become Artemis’s new fave but I can’t say I’m in love with how it wraps. It is much thinner than our other two Giras (we have an Oro Double Rainbow in 5 and an Azafran Amitola size 2) and there is just something else about it that isn’t working for me that I just can’t put my finger on. It is as soft as you’d expect from Gira and so very very pretty though!

Pretty Zig Zag

She fell asleep with that chocolatey face just moments after this photo but you probably guessed that.

I think I accidentally came up with a new carry with Zig Zag though and I really liked it so if I ever figure out exactly how I managed it I’ll make a video. I couldn’t even get a good photo of it! If you read this far then I know you feel my pain.

I found a way to get a little break from using Zig Zag-maybe some distance will make my heart grow fonder and not only Artemis but all of the boys are loving it this way too:


Notice the gigantic government-mandated monstrosity near the knot in the foreground? Don’t get me started. I’ll get around to removing it soon. Hanging on the wall it sort of looks like I bought the wrap to hang in that exact spot, doesn’t it? Maybe I can skip the bunk beds and just hang wraps everywhere! That is good parenting and good decorating!

What new pretties are you wrapping..or hanging on your wall? Let me know a photo or two so I can covet your stash!

With Fluffy Love,