two local teens were sentenced to six months in jail for killing a dog.  how many animals are killed for your plate?  how many animals suffer in feed lots, battery cages, and gestation crates for your gastronomical pleasure?  they suffer every moment of their miserable lives.  would you save a baby bird if you found one in your garden?  i wonder how many chicks and piglets were crushed, chopped, and gassed and left to die a slow and painful death because they weren’t of the right size or sex?  what happens in factory farms and slaughter houses is far worse than what happened to that dog yet those farmers and employees are paid to commit these atrocities! i am not condoning the actions of those young men but if you think they deserve 6 months in  jail for the murder of a dog to how many murders are you accessory?  how much cruelty has been played out on your behalf?  you may not have their blood on your hands but it is on your soul. think before you buy.  think before you condemn and judge.