September 11, A Day of Peace

The loss of human life on September 11 was horrific and tragic but this is not a day to be marked by patriotism and flag waving. This is not a day to reinforce imaginary borders drawn by wealthy men and warlords. This is a day to reflect upon the true nature of man and society-we are capable of mass murder at the command of a leader and we can justify this atrocity in the name of peace and “just doing my job”. This is a day to reflect upon who is the enemy and who is the hero-US bombs killed between 150,000 and 246,000 at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II and those pilots are heroes of “the Greatest Generation”. One of the planes used in the atomic attacks on Japan was even given the name “Necessary Evil”. The cause was just and the motives righteous.  The men who hijacked those planes are heroes to many and their sacrifices are celebrated by those who are drawn inside the same imaginary lines and the same just and noble cause and led by the same wealthy warlords. 

Potato-Patatah, tomato-tamatah, insurgent-freedom fighter, rebel-patriot: let’s call the whole thing off!

Now we are standing on the precipice staring out at yet another war. The wealthy men will convince us it is just. The warlords will convince us that our imaginary borders are at risk. They will create heroes and murderers and we will wave flags and put our hands to our hearts and beam with pride in a job well done. Just as the kings of old waring over their imaginary lines convinced the poor and hungry peasant men to give their souls and their lives for the cause so too will we follow hungering for a leader to follow and a cause for which to die.

Every soldier has his orders and, for following them, is a hero in his heart. You can’t have a war without two heroes and two just and righteous causes.

We have allowed the few-those wealthy feudal warlords-to drive us all apart for countless generations. They continue to command us to kill each other in greater numbers and more efficient means. When will we unite? When will we have the resolve of conscience to love our fellow man?  What is nationalism? How can we take pride in being born within imaginary lines? We didn’t draw these lines nor do we have any cause to be confined by them. We the people can say no! We can refuse to murder each other. We can refuse to acknowledge their imaginary lines. We can say, “I’m just NOT doing my job”, if it is one that defies our humanity. Can we wake up and see who our real enemy is? Those lines they drew in hate and greed are not ours.

Perhaps today everyone could reflect upon the days that followed the attacks: the kindness and tenderness with which we treated one another should never have ended. Could we all hold that feeling in our hearts and truly honor all of those lives lost? The ceremonies and sculptures and memorial gardens only mark their memory but it would actually be honored by us changing our own lives and changing the world! 

Imagine if we gave the same energy and resources to positive efforts instead of destructive ones! We have shown just how powerful we can be divided-just picture all of our hands working together in peace! We our prayers would become actions; our hopes, reality; and our dreams would be the glorious truth! There would be no hungry bellies, no one cold on the streets, no lonely souls, no children bought and sold, no one slaving in dangerous factories, no one going to sleep in fear, babies wouldn’t die of cholera-there would be no bombs and no casualties. We could clean up the earth, we could stop the path of extinction upon we have set so many species, we could reforest, we could stop the erosion we caused, we could clean the oil and plastic and sewage and dioxins and so on from our water. We could prevent and disease and find sustainable energy solutions. It doesn’t matter who got in the last strike or who won the last battle, it all just needs to end. The only noble and just cause is peace and the only way to get that is to unite in love and understanding. If we were united-if we could wake up and see the borders are imaginary and see the wealthy men and warlords for who they truly are- if we could only see that we are all brothers and sisters on this one lonely planet then together we could create a new Eden! 

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