The boys were all super stoked to go on their first flight EVER!
We planned for plenty of extra time being that we were going from never having flown with children to flying with 4 of them! I admit I was apprehensive but they were like teeny seasoned travelers!  They navigated the airport calmly and coolly, they went through TSA screening as though they do it every day, and they handled all of the waiting with grace and maturity.  I am not kidding.

Even poor little Moses who was enduring his first cold was hanging like a champ!

It’s too bad they couldn’t all stay awake…

Otis didn’t even stay awake for take off

Clark saw some of the take off but fell asleep during the ascent
Moses slept through most of it
Auggie stayed awake and he and I had a great time just the two of us.  The attendants brought him extra snacks and drinks and he felt so grown up and fancy setting up his tray all by himself.  It was a wonderful time for both of us-until he fell asleep on landing 😉