Young Living Essential Oils

If you know me then you know I have been using essential oils for per a decade for EVERYTHING. I thought I was buying very pure, high quality oils. I was wrong. I had heard of Young Living Essential Oils and looked into them in the past but I figured they couldn’t be any better and I’d stick with my lower priced oils. I was talking about it to my “imaginary” friend, Tricia, and we planned an essential oil date at the local coffee house each bringing ours for a side by side test. I was a convert at first sniff! Mine smelled like plastic coated in essential oils after smelling hers. Some of mine even haver a taste of something acrid on my tongue when smelling mine after smelling hers. We talked a ton and between her information and my research on the company and of course my long love for essential oils I not only bought some oils but I became a Young Living Distributor!

Check it out!